joliejolie123 asked:

Hi my names jolie and I freaking love your writing!! Could you do a luke imagine where I meet him at a signing and he like falls in love at first sight or whatever(smutty shit I know) sorry if it's a stupid idea but I'd love it I'd you wrote something along those lines x

oh-the-things-i-write answered:

It’s not stupid, it’s adorable! Hopefully this makes you happy! Enjoy love joliejolie123 ! xx


Not Just Yet; A Luke Hemmings Imagine.


“Come on Annabelle we’re moving up.”

My parents were out of town, but my sister’s new band obsession was.  Originally they were supposed to bring her to the band’s meet and greet, but they forgot Saint Lucas was more important.

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Thankyou!! It’s Amazingg😊😊x