joliejolie123 asked:

Hi I'm jolie I'm 5foot4 I have brown wavy hair and deep brown eyes that go orange in the sun! I'm very shy when I first meet people but after I'm stupid, sick minded and wierd! My question for you is what would you say to the boys if you did meet them?

borderline-obssesive answered:

Hiii! Um well I’m really really shy so I would probably stutter a bit but I would probably just tell them that I really love them and their music and that I just really appreciate all that they do for the fans.

BOYFRIEND: ash bc I think that if you were really shy at the beginning then he would really be able to bring you out of your shell and then you could be crazy together aw

BESTFRIEND: Eleanor Calder.


COMPLIMENT: you sound so frickin pretty and wow your eyes sound so cool!

Aww thanks that’s so nice🙈😊